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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the must have aspect in all marketing plans.

Search engine marketing simply means that you optimize your website including each web page to show up in the top of Google and other important search engines when people search for keywords and phrases that are relevant for your website.

Select the most important 3-6 keywords or phases for your home page (index page). Include a title that uses these words in a meaningful way and use the words frequently in the main body of your text. Remember to use them in your headlines also when it can be done naturally.

The most important words should be included in the first paragraph of the page.

Before your final selection of your keywords check the frequency that people are using these keywords at Overture. This is a very valuable tool and very fast to use.

Repeat this procedure for each and every page you have in your web site and follow the increase in traffic during the next year. Refine your pages for keywords after some months if you are not satisfied with the results in the search engines.

In general try to find good relevant keywords that other websites are not optimized for. This is a smart way of getting more traffic with search engine marketing.

The more web pages you make the more traffic you can expect from your search engine marketing plan.

Soren Breiting