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Soren Breiting
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MarketingTips for Internet Marketing

Take a look on the menu with resources for internet marketing and other kinds of marketing. These resources have proven to be effective and will help with your internet marketing: preparation, planning and implementation. Return to the list below about helpful principles for internet marketing from time to time. Remember this Internet Marketing site: Add to Favorites

You have access through the Internet to a big part of the population on Earth that have money to spend - at the moment around 3/4 of a billion internet users.

But you are not alone and the competition is tuff.
On the other hand the Internet i levelling the small persistant website-owner with the big guys. The big guys often pay lots of money to get trendy websites but often without doing proper internet marketing, except to pay for Google ads, typical very high sums. (You can benefit from these ads as a website owner for an additional income stream with Adsense online ads.)

Many of the principles of internet marketing below apply equally well to online marketing and to marketing in general. On the other hand there are a number of useful opportunities for internet marketing that are building on special features of the Internet and communication as part of your branding and marketing on the Internet. In general these are much cheaper than 'traditional' marketing channels off-line. That is why you need marketingTips for your internet marketing.

Some helpful principles for your
online marketing

  • Always try to combine online and offline marketing
  • Build trust
  • Be honest
  • Be helpful
  • Be responsive
  • Be generous to others ("overdeliver"), but keep your basic expenses low
  • Be focussed - finish one thing at a time and get it running
  • Plan your work
  • Track everything - ads, links, promotion
  • Learn from your failures
  • Don´t dispair
  • Learn from the best, but find your own approach
  • Keep your website simple
  • Combine websites, ezines, circulated free articles, forum, emaillists, newsgroups and press releases with offline advertising and visibility
  • Test new approaches before you need to pay big money for them
  • Co-operate with others
  • Be personal
  • See the proof of this approach at SiteSell

    Soren Breiting

Other marketing resources with MarketingTips

Daniel S. Janal: Dan Janal's guide to Marketing on the Internet. - Gettting people to visit, buy and become custormers for life.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York 2000 and later editions.
An excellent book on online marketing with a lot of marketingtips to help you.
Dan Janal (not Jarnal) is "an online marketing expert" .

Daniel S. Janal: Online Marketing Handbook: How to Promote, Advertise, and Sell Your Products and Services on the Internet (Communications)

Corey Rudl: Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet.
This is a classic bestseller, now in the 2004 edition, with 1,000 pages, research based test results, examples, case studies, and the newest strategies for marketing your business on the Internet! Corey has been my bible, because I know he has been so succesful with his own implementation of his online marketing strategies and he is really smart - some will say: 'too smart!' - but we can learn from him anyway.

Frank Catalano & Bud E. Smith: Internet Marketing for Dummies. 2000.

Ward Hanson: Principles of Internet Marketing

Barbara Cox & William Koelzer: Internet Marketing

Ken Evoy: Make Your Content PREsell!
This ebook is focusing on the single most important aspect of successful online marketing for a website.

You will find more of Ken Evoy's succesfull marketing strategy here

Mary Lou Roberts: Internet Marketing : Integrating Online and Offline Strategies (McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Marketing)

Marcia Yudkin: Internet Marketing for Less Than $500 Year: How to Attract Customers and Clients Online Without Spending a Fortune

Ellen Reid Smith: e-Loyalty: How to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

Mike Slocombe : Max Hits: Building and Promoting Successful Websites

Bob Baker: Poor Richard's Branding Yourself Online

Thomas Wong: 101 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic: Internet Promotion Made Easier, 2nd Edition

Greg Holden: Starting an Online Business for Dummies, Third Edition.

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