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How to Create an Internet Sales Page that Converts

By Loren Beckart

The key to having sales pages that convert is to be sure
you include a few essential elements. There is a basic
formula to writing good copy that has been tested and is
proven to work. Once you've created a successful sales
page, you own a template that you can use repeatedly,
customizing it to fit other products. Your template will be
like having a golden goose.

If you are hiring a copy writer or writing the copy
yourself, here is a checklist of the essential elements to
help you organize and plan your next internet sales page.

The Headline: Most headlines include three parts. One: the
pre-head is to set up the main headline by letting your
target market know you've got what they're looking for.
Two: the main headline. Using the largest font you plan for
any part of the page, describe the product's main benefit
for the buyer. Three: the post-head. You don't have to have a post-head unless you want to elaborate or clarify the main headline.

Introduction: The first few sentences of the letter should
grab the visitor's interest at an emotional level. The
introduction draws the visitor further into the copy,
allowing you to make a presentation of your product and
offer. To appeal to the emotions, show the reader the
benefits of your product or service by describing how they
will feel or how their life will improve once they own and
use the product.

Credibility: This is a particularly important aspect of on-
line sales. The visitor needs assurance that both you and
the product are for real. Give your contact information,
including an address. No one will come to your door, and if
someone does call, that's good, because you gain insight
when talking with clients. Also for credibility, include
some results-based testimonials about your service or
product, and give the full name of the testifier. Giving
only first names is suspicious. If possible, explain results of product tests or quote favorable third-party reviews.
And if you have credentials or expertise related
to the offer, include it. Throughout the sales copy use
real and specific numbers rather than approximations.

Benefits: In bullet form, itemize the benefits (not the
features) of the product. Prioritize them, and give an
overload. It often only takes one benefit to convince a
prospect to buy, but each prospect will have their own hot
button. Have plenty of possibilities. Bullets are easy to

Features and specifications: You say, in effect, "Here is
what you are getting. This is what the product is." These
are the details about the product.

Bonus Items. The offer should always contain an extra
something that has real value. It's good if the bonus is so
worthwhile that people might order the product just for the
bonuses. Be creative, and the bonus doesn't have to be
costly for you. Tutorials and quick-start guides are small
examples. Go for the wow factor. Whatever you use for the
bonuses, assign a specific value to them so that it is part
of the price build-up.

Value build-up: Be explicit about the reasons the price of
the product is a good value. Make comparisons to other
similar products that are more expensive with less gained.
Offer a guarantee if at all possible. Anticipate and
counter objections. Create a sense of scarcity. That is to
say, give a deadline, explain why they need to act now, and keep your deadline real. Help the visitor feel the pain of
not ordering~ exactly what won't change or get better
unless they have your product.

Ordering: First, remember to ask for the order. Make an
"Order Now" link. Then, make the ordering process and
instructions absurdly clear. Imagine that this is your
visitor's first ever on-line order. Give step-by-step
directions. Also, give purchasing options: secure credit
card pages and PayPal are most common, but include
directions for ordering by check of phone if possible, even
though it is rare that anyone does.

Post Script: This is a summary of your sales page, a one-
paragraph sales page in effect. Include a reiteration of
the highlights, and ask one last time for the order.

Once you've reviewed this list, look for good examples as
you surf on-line. Of course, you would never copy someone
else's sales page, not even a line of it. Instead, look for
examples that inspire you, and write come killer copy of
your own!

Author Loren Beckart is Marketing Director for , a company that specializes in delivering highly targeted traffic to your website. For information, visit: