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MarketingTips for Printed Material

Color Code Your Print Materials

by Kevin Nunley

People often ask me what colors sell best. There are no hard and fast rules about colors in marketing, but here are some things that seem to work again and again.

Yellow gets attention, but is hard on the eyes. Use some yellow in your marketing or on your package, but don't make the whole thing yellow.

Red makes your document seem urgent or aggressive.

Many feel green makes prospects think about money. A green border with a graphic of a stack of dollars works well for business opportunities.

Blue has a long history among Europe's royalty. Today blue still works well to portray power, authority, or prestige.

Pastels are popular for light for feature stories. If you want your message to seem fun, use a pastel color. Make sure your copy shows up well on the paper.

Many people LOVE purple. For some reason it is a favorite among children and many of us never get over it.

Kevin Nunley

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